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AT events

                                      SHAVED ICE (Soft as Snow)

6 x 14 Trailer fits in any parking spot

Indoor Units fits in space 3x5

Our Mobile Unit/Indoor Units are equip with the

top of the line Shaved Ice Machines.



bringing the

new orleans


experience to you!

Coach SLim is committed to making your next Event delicious and memorable. Our company has extensive catering knowledge and has had the pleasure of serving at on-site events for Steve Harvey, Emmitt Smith and Deion (Prime Time) Sanders just to name a few. Sno-balls add a uniquely refreshing addition to any event during the hot summers. We are always fully stocked and capable of handling any size occasion you're planning. For a large or small event indoors, to a massive festival are extravagant event outside like the one we did for Mr. Smith. We are fully licensed and insured, and meet all health and sanitation codes. Coach SLim is a reliable company designed to meet all your expectations. My staff and I are committed to the highest standards of customer service. We come prepared and can serve up to 400 hundred Sno-Balls per hour.  

                   (Note; ask about our food items too.)

The Way We Do Our Snowballs!

   We begin with "Soft-As-Snow" SHAVED ICE and then we will pour our New Orleans Original flavors until it over flows or till you say stop LOL. I like lots and lots of syrup on mine, Pineapple & Peach has been my favorite combo since I was a kid. I use to ride my bike uptown to Hansen's on Tchoupitoulas and Bordeaux St. to get my Sno-balls. Sometimes three and four times a day. Hansen's has been there since 1934 and is still owned and operated by the Hansen family. Mr Ernest Hansen invented the first electric shaved ice machine in 1939 ("yes" its on display and it still works) Everyone in Louisiana believes New Orleans is the birth place of the Sno-Balls. Other cities started imitating us and began making Snowcones with a harder ice. They're even saying Shaved Ice, but their still using the harder (bag) ice. Being from New Orleans we like to top off our snowballs with sweetened condensed milk aka "cream" we guarantee a taste sensation you're sure to love.

         Try it, ask for "Cream on top" or "Cream in and out"


6 x 14 Mobile Trailers

The Black & Gold

Drew Bree's It

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